Meet our Owner Prescott Mack

Updated: May 24, 2019

Early Years

Prescott Mack, A 28 year old country born city boy from Greenville, Texas will self proclaim himself born for greatness. His late grandfather, George Gotcher even stamped him a genius not long after coming out of his mother's womb. Prescott grew up moving around a lot calling a few places like Greenville, Hawaii, Garland, Plano, and McKinney home. Mack has always been an athlete, so much so that his first word was "ball". Bred to be a shortstop, he spent most of his early childhood winning little league baseball championships. But he quickly learned he had a knack for being a quarterback and as he grew into his middle school years, Prescott caught a lot of eyes leading football teams to victory. Mack played Quarterback from 7 years old until sophomore year of high school when he was moved up from JV QB to back up Varsity QB but then had to step in at corner due to injury of a teammate. While Mack hated this change, he was a natural and begin earning all district attention as a corner and later being a division 1 prospect. But with all this success in other sports, all Prescott cared about was basketball. He didn't accept a football scholarship, instead he attempted to walk on at Lamar University as a point guard and when unsuccessful accepted a partial scholarship at Lubbock Christian University. In school, Mack studied marketing and management which lead to his career as a Sports Agent.


At 21 years young, naive as he can be Prescott became a licensed FIBA Sports Agent. In his 7 year career as an agent he was able to broker close to $1.2 million in contracts all over the world. Prescott was blessed to start other companies to supplement his agency he named Mack Sports Group, such as a camp/combine series called International Basketball Invitational (IBI) and MSG Tours. In 2017 Mack rebranded his agency to Proverbs Representation and Management (PRM). Now at 28 the young entrepreneur looks to tap into the next phase of his career as he takes ownership of the Dallas Skyline Pro Basketball Team in the TBL. Stay tuned...

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