The Dallas Skyline Basketball Organization Hires First Double Minority


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Dallas, Texas For Immediate Release - The Dallas Skyline Basketball organization not hires the first female in the history of its, but also the first female, (Black) female in Angela Weathers as the Head Coach/General Manager.

Perfect Timing to Pivot and Prepare

The timing of the new hire of the Dallas Skyline’s Pro men’s basketball club Head Coach and General Manager, Angela Weathers could not have come at a more timely manner. Owner and General Manager Prescott Mack shares, “Coach Weathers is the FIRST female coach and Head Coach of my team and in The Basketball League!”

The organization made history as a whole and with Mack as one of the youngest, most vibrant GM’s in the TBL. He is showing his respect not only for female minorities coaching in the game, but also for his once youth coach and mentor in Weathers. With that said, the two have a history, which indeed will lead to a chemistry that will allow them to pick up where they left off in the relationships that were once built under Weathers’ leadership that once began in grassroots basketball in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex.

Weathers joins the Dallas Skyline with such a vast array of skills and talent that accompany her as a rarity in the position she has accepted. Despite the detriment in the world with the aftermath of COVID 19 on sports as well as issues and social injustices provoking the Black Lives Matter movement, Mack and Weathers fully intend to be a light at the end of the “bubble” with what Weathers has on her platform that will integrate leadership while providing a safe, healthy, and amazing experience beyond sports to bring communities together. Just days prior to receiving the text and obliging in consideration, Weathers had been in talks with other pro sports teams and organizations focused on bringing about social change through the game. Preparing for a new norm in sports through education had been a top priority over her entire body of work for nearly fifteen years of coaching and mentoring. Weathers as a former Nationally ranked High School Boys Prep Adidas sponsored program prior to being a former trainer coined by Mark Cuban as “one of DFW’s and among the nation’s best”, World Cup athlete, and Ole Miss transfer/SLC All Decade’s 2000’s player was available to make the pivot in the midst of the pandemic. The bottom line: Weathers is nothing less than a champion that produces champions. In fact, some of the other synergies that led the two back to partnership without second guessing, was the need to further establish diversity and inclusion within the club, to provide a female entrenched in grassroots basketball all the way to the pro level as a native, and someone with the pedigree of having the temperament to understand the cultural climate of how sports can positively impact families and communities at large.

“She is the total package,” smiles Mack in confidence while Weathers reciprocates, “I couldn’t be more honored to serve with Prescott.”

The two also worked together closely for a stint in pro athlete management and consulting and actually coached Mack as well. Weathers was one of a select few who could train, coach, and develop both on and off of the floor while bringing NBA/G League scouts into her own gym while providing players with opportunities that others did not have. For instance, as in Jamael Lynch who was invited to the Lakers G League training camp and several others who signed in the ABL that went on to successful careers, which also led to coaching offers for Weathers overseas in Spain and France.

When interviewed immediately upon hire by the TBL Weathers shared in her debut interview with the league, “My vision as I mentioned earlier is to bring unity between families and their communities through a quality, affordable and educational experience in a safe, healthy and exciting environment while fostering positive character, responsibility and sportsmanship.”

In fact, Weathers intends to utilize her lifelong body of work from both on and off of the playing court through her leadership institution, which was known as “KBB and rebranded years ago as “Train Up A Champion Leadership Institute” to make a powerful impact within the leadership, players, and communities that enjoy the sport.


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